Free Tree Handout in Birkdale and Ainsdale

2 Mar 2024
Tree Giveaway In Local Village

The local Lib Dem team in Ainsdale & Birkdale were pleased to continue the annual trend of handing out free young trees, also known as whips, this weekend - and are incredible grateful to all the green-fingered local residents who will be replanting them at home.

Since starting this initiative five years ago, local Lib Dem councillors have given away over 1000 trees. This is particularly important at a time when the local council have been felling healthy trees across the town, have not yet replanted the same amount and are failing on most aspects of environmental performance. 

Erin Harvey, Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for Southport said "Trees are so important for our environment; not only is the greenery pleasing on the eye but trees are the lungs of the ecosystem and help to improve air quality by removing harmful particles from the atmosphere."

"At a time when we have a climate emergency, we should be doing as much as possible to plant more trees and not remove them like Sefton Council has across Sefton"

Local Liberal Democrat councillors, candidates, & volunteers were out on Saturday 2nd March, at 11am in Birkdale Village opposite the Post Office, and at 2.30pm in Ainsdale Village, Station Road opposite the Post Office.

Trees types were Silver Birch, Flowering Cherry, and Rowan (AKA Mountain Ash). Trees were given out on a first come, first serve basis - and the scheme was funded entirely by the local Lib Dem team (no public funds were used).